martha is a giver of love and light. she creates a serene atmosphere that reflects her creative personality, accompanied by her supportive and gentle presence. her passion shines through in her deep guided meditation, breath work, and intention setting. i gained calm and joy from the practice; and learned how amazing life can be if i am willing to give and receive light. i left a new uplifted person thriving with positive energy.

ahmee, yoga client

i had a truly beautiful experience during martha’s reiki session. my back had been in pain for days leading up to our session, and she was able to help me feel so relaxed in my body - and with the healing powers of reiki - my back was almost good as new after our session. i felt very safe in martha’s capable hands, and we experienced a connection with the color blue. my session healing and relaxing — exactly what I needed.

mariah, reiki client

working with martha is an absolute dream. i’m so appreciative of her keen eye, supportive art direction and willingness to get creative. we shot yoga and pilates photos, and hiked (literally) a mountain with all the props in order to recreate my living room in the trees. could not be happier with the magic she captured!

justine, photography client

what impressed me the most was her sense of design and creativity, both visually and in word. she has an innate sense of how something should look or sound. she listens to what the goals and requirements are, then gets to work, offering new ideas and thoughts along the way. and in the end makes it seem so easy once she delivers the final product. martha is also very approachable and personable, and an overall joy to work with.

kevin, marketing client

martha has the golden touch. her platform, lead like her, highlights powerful and creative women in their element. as a result, her work is captivatingly beautiful, and always inspires a new girl crush. we especially love the way she celebrates female empowerment in a kind, inclusionary way.

michelle, journalist