working with martha is an absolute dream. i’m so appreciative of her keen eye, supportive art direction and willingness to get creative. we shot yoga and pilates photos, and hiked (literally) a mountain with all the props in order to recreate my living room in the trees. could not be happier with the magic she captured! - justine
martha's attention to detail and her willingness to present her ideas with confidence and clarity are among her strongest assets. i found martha to be engaging and persuasive, along with being personable and attentive to others' ideas. i know that these attributes, along with her intellect will continue to drive her towards continued success. maybe some day I'll be lucky enough to have her directly on my team. - daniel 
martha is very personable, organized, and takes great pride in her work. her positivity is infectious and a great asset when it comes to getting a team to rally around an idea. she's a quick learner and always comes with fresh ideas. - nathalie 
what impressed me the most was her sense of design and creativity, both visually and in word. she has an innate sense of how something should look or sound. she listens to what the goals and requirements are, then gets to work, offering new ideas and thoughts along the way. and in the end makes it seem so easy once she delivers the final product. martha is also very approachable and personable, and an overall joy to work with. - kevin 
she's a savvy professional with a good eye, creative mind, and infectious smile. - hannah 
martha is a highly-motivated and enthusiastic hard worker who always had a friendly smile and a positive attitude no matter what came her way. i found her to be a very strong communicator who was a pleasure to work with on our various projects together. - kevin 
what I appreciate most about martha is her willingness to roll up her sleeves and get things done. - katie 

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