dubai is a coastal city located in the united arab emirates, that is known for it’s luxurious experiences, high-end shopping, ultramodern architecture, and dry desert climate. ravi and I had the pleasure of exploring all that the city, and the surrounding area had to offer, which included the most comfortable and welcoming flight of our lives on emrites air. we spent the majority of our nights in the jumeirah dar all masyaf, which is set amongst extensive gardens, restaurants, pools, and even waterways for transportation. the hotel villas are also located near the longest private beach in dubai.  

we started our trip with a quick helicopter ride above the world islands - various small islands constructed in the shape of a world map, located in the waters of the persian gulf. and later went to the lost chambers aquarium to look at exotic sea life, which is located in the atlantis hotel on palm island. the island is one of three artificial islands on the coast of dubai, crafted in the shape of a palm tree. that evening, we set out on a desert safari that entailed cruising over sand dunes in vintage land rovers, having dinner in a bedouin camp, riding camels in the moonlight, getting authentic henna, and spending the night in a huge canvas tent. the next morning, we had our favorite experience of the trip; a hot air balloon ride. a local falcon trainer also joined, and his bird flew beside us as we floated over the vast desert.

over the next few days, we lived the bustling city life. we walked around the dubai mall, the largest mall in the world by total area, which is jam-packed with luxury clothing stores, endless sweet shops, and an outdoor fountain show. we took in the skyline views at the top of the burj kalifa, the tallest structure in the world, standing at over 2,700 feet. we ended our journey with an extravagant couple’s massage and dip in the pool at the talise spa, located inside the sail-shaped burj al arab jumeriah.

overall, the city reminded me of, what would be the las vegas of the middle east, without the parties, skin, and "sinful" activities. what’s your take on dubai?

photos by martha kirby and ravi vora

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