my favorite yoga studios

my favorite yoga studios

having grown up passionately involved in dance and circus arts, yoga came naturally to me. i attended my first class when i was a child and fell completely in love. back then, i was excited about how good my handstand was, and how each move corresponded with the name of an animal. i still find joy in yoga, now however it is my rock, my center, and my silly place all in one. a place to utilize my years of physical training, while learning about myself, others and the world around us on a deep, spiritual level. while exploring these ideas, i attended classes at multiple studios in west la, and i want to share some of my favorites with you.

love yoga

love yoga is truly my neighborhood studio. just a short walk away from home, i look forward to every moment of the classes. there are multiple teachers with varying styles – however each one seems to perfectly center their teachings around the studio’s mission of providing students with everything they need to have a meaningful, evolving practice set within a fun and inspiring community. another thing i love about love is their wide variety of workshops and instructors. i highly suggest their incredible sound bath meditations.

the yoga collective

the yoga collective is the heart of yoga in venice. the studio is no-fuss, the classes are always packed, and the teachers are amazing – both challenging and down to earth. their goal is to keep it simple, maintain high vibes, while being funky and peaceful. I would suggest this studio if you are looking to sweat, while getting a holistic yoga experience.

sweat yoga

I discovered sweat yoga through classpass, and since then, I always find myself paying the extra fees to return again and again. the classes are just that good. sweat is what the name implies; hot. the classes are musically driven and led by well-trained teachers, who teach in the in own voice while adhering to healthy, creative sequencing and alignment. If you work a 9-5, I highly suggest the 6:30AM classes throughout the week – maybe I’ll see you there!

hot 8 yoga

I was introduced to hot 8 yoga through their new student special; your first week free. I went almost every day, and tried a variety of their classes – one even had a live guitarist! Their classes focus on strength, flexibility, and balance with a holistic approach of nurturing the spirit. Hot 8 also seems to be one of the hottest studios I have been to, so be prepared by hydrating before, during and after class!

bikram yoga marina del rey

this studio is a gem. they adhere strictly to the practice of bikram yoga - a heated, 90-minute, twenty-six posture sequence that systematically moves fresh, oxygenated blood throughout your body. I love going to bikram when I need a challenge and a good stretch.


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photos by ravi vora

venice is for lovers

venice is for lovers

playa viva with h collective

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